Stem with Sprite


I found this can, like this, at the back of my fridge. Can anyone explain what has happened and why?


This is what a normal can of drink would look like.



13 thoughts on “Stem with Sprite

  1. Matvei

    I think that the cold made the co2 try to escape so the can opened and the liquid came pouring out.

    1. veish and videl

      It makes the tin can expand and once you open it would turn back into a gas
      (added on comment)

    2. dhastings Post author

      But you can usually keep cans in the fridge and this does not happen? What happened here?

  2. Isabella

    I think it’s because it is a very fizzy/gassy drink and as the drink has been left for a while and the bubbles and gas have put so much pressure on the can it has expanded!

    1. dhastings Post author

      There was another can in front of it and that was ok.

  3. Ellie

    Could this have something to do with trapped bubbles or trapped air? Maybe the water is pushing up, and bubbles have frozen, so the bubbles are expanding the can.

  4. Steffi

    Is it as it has been in the fridge so long the air has trapped and when you would open it all air bubbles would come out?

  5. Sixtine

    I think that over a while the bubbles and the gas have wanted to escape so over time it has slowly pushed the can so it can escape. the can is closed so the gas has stayed at the top! that is wierd1


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