Maths Club

Maths club week one problem.

Today we are going to start thinking algebraically. This area can be one that some mathematicians worry about but it just means finding an unknown. We do this every day.

5 + ? = 11 is an algebra problem.

so is 4 + 11 = ? and we can all manage these.

Clink on the nrich links to explore some great problems to get us thinking. The first is a nice easy place to start and the second is a little bit more of a challenge. In both the most important thing to share is

How did you solve it? What did you do?

Have fun and can’t wait for the posts back.



8 thoughts on “Maths Club

  1. Benjy

    (a) =1

    (b) =20

    (c) =44

    (d) =16 this one was very hard because it had only red circles.

    (e) =22.5

    1. dhastings Post author

      Why did you find the one with only red circles so hard?

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