Halving paper

How many different ways can you halve a piece of paper?

How can you prove it?

Have you thought of these ways? Does it have to be a straight line?

28 thoughts on “Halving paper

  1. kei and caleb

    We just looked again and found that there are only four ways to fold the A4 sheet of paper. ^-^

  2. kei and caleb

    we cant find any more solutions for half paper thing. 🙁 can somebody help me find more?

  3. Manahil, katrina and Maisara

    We have just relooked at it and found that there was 4 ways.

  4. Remy, Amanpreet & Idrees

    Okay, we just found 2 more ways so there is 4 ways to half an A4 piece of paper in total.

    1. evan and brogan

      sorry there are four ways from the corners and the 2 you showed.

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