Cops and Robbers

Year six have been playing this game in class. Can you catch the robber for the cops?

There are four levels so start and level 1 and see how well you can do. William came up with an amazing theory for level 3 so if you get stuck you might want to ask him.


Have fun little cops.

7 thoughts on “Cops and Robbers

  1. Veishahan

    I think that on level 1 you need to start in the corner but the tactics change when you go onto the next level where it is easier to start in the middle. It is also a bit difficult when you are only allowed to have one guess outside the red section

  2. Ashwicka

    I think that Anisa’s theory might be right but I just don’t know how to word it.

    From Ashwicka 🙂

  3. Anisa

    I think on level two you should start on (0,0) because then you could less possibilaties the starting in the middle or in a ramdom place.


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