Adding up language



We have been trying to work out the most expensive words using this grid.

What word can you find with the highest value?

  • I found this on the numeracy shed.

18 thoughts on “Adding up language

  1. Emelia

    I looked up this word on the internet: Zenzizenzizenzic.

    It represents the eighth power of a number that is the power x8.This word costs £240!

    1. dhastings Post author

      WOW I have never heard that word before, thats amazing. Well done and thank you for teaching me some thing new.
      Mrs H

  2. Ashwicka

    I made £162 with university.University is a high-level institution where students study for degrees.

    From Ashwicka 🙂

  3. Sofia

    I got £149 for superheroes. Superheroes are people who have some sort of powers ,another term for them – superhuman.

  4. Sofia

    I didn’t make as much as Veishahan ,Niall ,Flynn ,Mrs Hastings or Emelia. Even though I had a long word.My word is paediatrician and it got £110. Paediatrician is a doctor who treats children from new borns to 21 years of age.

  5. dhastings Post author

    I started thinking about words we use in English and science as well as maths language.

    I got 139 for onomatopoeia
    and 129 for experiment
    Anyone else found any really good words?
    Mrs H

  6. Emelia

    I had a go and made 146 with herpetology. Herpetology is a job where you go into a rainforest and study rare species of frog.


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