Maths Mastery

At Merton Park we use the principals of mastery to teach maths.

We focus on the depth of understanding rather than skimming the surface with facts. We teach the facts through fluency within the lesson and then deepen with problem solving and reasoning.

Here are two short videos from Debbie Morgan, (director of primary maths) explaining this in more detail.


STAR maths

What have been searching for 2d shapes within this star.  So far we have found triangles,  quadrilaterals and  pentagons. How many of each of these can you find? What other 3d shapes can you name and count?



How are you all getting on with the challenges? 

Are you doing the gold bars or the live maths? 

Have any of you achieved on of the certificates? (Remember there are three levels.) If yes please come and tell me or add a post and tell us all the certificate you have won and your name and class.