Summer practice

Here are some great sites to visit if you want to practice your key maths skills over the summer.

Remember you can get your 144 badge up to the end of year 4 and your 20/20 badge in year 1 or 2. Will you be the first next year?


Let me know how you get on.

Mrs H 🙂

Giving change


Some children in year three have been exploring money. They have been set the challenge in class of giving Ug change once he has been shopping. This can be very tricky.

I have found a few games to help year 3 (and any other year group who wants a little practice) to help with change.

The three links below will take you to different games. Some are harder than others but have different levels so if its too hard try something easier and if its too easy challenge yourself.


Good Luck


Maths and Maps


I have found an amazing website that uses Google maps to explore countries and maths ideas.  Click on the link below

Then choose this option. It will take you to a 3d map f the world where you can explore different countries, time lines and look closely at places we might never get to visit.

Have a look and tell me what you think? What did you find out?


Capture 1